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Born to solve the problem Grown to change the world

Welcome to SolveLabs.

The nexus where nature and science come together to promote wellness and performance enhancement. Our journey began with the personal trials of our founder, Jacob, a cognitive science scholar and avid CrossFit athlete who discovered the potential of natural ingredients under extraordinary circumstances.

While passionately pursuing his dual interests in academia and athletics, Jacob found himself overextending, relying heavily on synthetic pre-workouts to boost his performance.

This dependence led to a serious liver condition, signalling the urgent need for healthier, more sustainable alternatives. Thus, he ventured into the world of mycology.

His exploration led to the discovery of cordyceps, a functional mushroom renowned for its energy-boosting properties. This marked the beginning of Jacob's deep dive into functional mushrooms and adaptogens, revealing their potential to enhance cognition, physical performance, and overall well-being without the harmful side effects of synthetic substances.

He extends his mission to educate and inspire through his Instagram profile, sharing the captivating world of mushrooms, fascinating historical mycology stories, and cutting-edge research in the field. He uses this platform to engage and excite others about the potential and power of these natural marvels.